How to manage Famly's auto-logout feature

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What is auto-logout?

Auto-logout is a data security feature in Famly, to help keep your setting's data safe. If you stop interacting with the Famly app, you will be automatically logged out, to prevent a logged-in device being accessed by someone who should not see your data.

The default time for auto-log out is 5 minutes of inactivity in the Famly app.

Why do I need auto logout?

Automatic logout helps keep your setting's data safe. Your Famly app contains sensitive data about the children in your care, financial data, as well as data about staff and parents - this must all be stored securely.

When you access any other sensitive data digitally, such as using online banking, an auto-logout feature is used to prevent you accidentally leaving your data accessible, by forgetting to log out.

We know that childcare settings are busy places and staff may need to immediately stop working in the Famly app to attend to a child. Auto-logout means that staff can feel safe in the knowledge that Famly will securely log them out, if they don't have time (or forget) to do so.

How to customise your auto-logout

In order to change the amount of time allowed to pass before you are logged out, you must have the Can manage security features permission enabled.

To change your auto-log out time:

  • Open the Settings menu by clicking on the cog icon.

  • Click Security, then Auto-logout from the drop-down menu.

  • Auto-logout times are defined by the role the staff member has at your setting. You can select different auto-logout times for each role.

  • Update the times for each role and then click Save.

Which auto logout option should I choose?

Famly recommends 5 minutes (or fewer) and ideally never more than 15 minutes. However, you have the option to delay the auto-logout much longer than that.

Important things to consider

There are some key things to consider when changing your auto-logout time:

  • Who else has access to this device that staff log in on?

    • Will staff be logging in on a work device or a personal device, that could be used by others outside of the setting?

    • Do multiple staff use the same device? Will having a longer auto-logout time mean staff may have to manually log out of a colleague's profile to then log in to their own?

  • Where is the device that staff are logging into Famly on located?

    • Is this a work computer, in a locked office or do your team work from home?

    • Will the device be taken out of the setting, into a public place? For example, could it be left on public transport?

  • What other security measures are there on the devices staff use to log in to Famly?

    • Is the tablet they use protected by an auto-lock screen, requiring a pin-code or fingerprint, for example?

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