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This article is only for customers using Improved Actuals for invoicing. Unsure if that applies to you? Check here.

Invoices in Improved Actuals

One of the main reasons to choose to upgrade to Improved Actuals, are the very detailed invoices. In Improved Actuals, each invoice item is shown in chronological order, the hours it applies to, the funding applied, and the total cost.

For example, below we can see for the period from the 1st to the 5th of September, Charlie Jensen was booked for 1 full day session of 9 hours. The price in brackets indicates the cost of the session, but we can see that 9 hours of funding has been applied, so in the 'Total Price' column, it shows as funded - there is no cost to the bill-payer.

However, from the period from the 6th to the 12th of September, Charlie was booked for 3 full day sessions of 9 hours each, totalling 27 hours (shown in the 'Hours' column). This is shown as 'Partially Funded' in the 'Total Price' column and underneath, where the items are indented, we can see the breakdown of how funding was applied to this. In the 'Hours' column, we can see that 15 of the 27 hours were funded (at no cost to the parent) and the remaining 12 hours were billed as normal, showing at £66.68 in the 'Total Price' column.

This period also shows that there is a £10 fee for consumables applied.

Comparison between Standard Actuals and Improved Actuals

Below, you can see the invoice for the same period from Standard Actuals

  • The consumables are not shown in the period to which they apply, but at the bottom of the invoice

  • The sessions do not show the price individually, only a total cost overall, in the 'Total Price' column.

  • All funded hours are shown at the bottom of the invoice

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