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Log a Voucher Payment

How to log vouchers as payment against fees

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If your parents receive vouchers to pay for childcare, you can enter them in two ways:

Adding a voucher as a one-off payment

If the voucher is a one-time payment or does not have a reoccurring fixed amount, add it as a normal payment. A voucher payment can be applied to a specific invoice or simply applied to the account.
To access Finances, you'll need the Show Financial Reports permission enabled.
To add a voucher payment:

  • Log in to the app and click on Finances from the menu to the left

  • Next, click on Payments from the drop-down menu

  • Use the Apply Payment box (top left) to type in a child's name, an invoice number, or a bill payer's name.

  • Select the correct bill payer from the drop-down list and a new window will pop up (as below).

  • From the payment method menu, select voucher from the drop-down menu

  • Enter the correct details in the pop-up

  • If you cannot find the voucher company under Search for existing, you can select New voucher company and enter the details (as shown below)

  • Once you have entered all the details, click Add

Add a voucher as a recurring monthly payment

If they are monthly reoccurring fixed amounts you can add them to the voucher section of a Bill Payer's account.

  • Go into the Bookings tab on a child's profile.

  • Click on View Account under the Bill Payers box.

  • On the left, click Add next to the Vouchers box

  • A new pop-up will open (as below)

  • Enter the fixed monthly amount, when you will receive the First Payment, the Last Payment (if applicable) and select either an existing Bill Payer or Create a new voucher company.

    It is only required that you enter a name, though you are free to enter the additional details and click Add.

  • This fixed payment amount will be added to the account on the first of every month and will appear on an invoice as Future Payments.


Confirming a voucher payment

The last step is to confirm that you have received the voucher payment. To do this:

  • Log in to the app and click on Finances from the menu to the left.

  • Next, click on Payments from the drop-down menu.

  • Now use the filter to the left and select Voucher in the Method box and

    and select Unconfirmed in the Status box, to show only the unconfirmed voucher payments.

  • Click each voucher and click Confirm to confirm receipt of that voucher payment.

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