Grouping Children by Age or Pricing Band
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Group children by Age

Age group ratios are the recommended approach to group children as they monitor mixed and same-age groups in rooms, highlighting in your Overview, Staff Schedule, Room Planner and Room Overview pages when your staff ratio is not being met.

Click 'Settings', and then 'Children', you will see an 'Age Groups' button - this is where you can set them up. You can name and split up your 'Age Groups' as you wish, but you will always be asked for the 'Staff Ratio' and 'Maximum Capacity'.

If children move to the next age range when e.g. turning 2, type in an age range from 0-23 as this will include the whole 23rd month.

Please note: soon, grouping children by room will not be supported in Famly so we recommend setting up Age group ratios!

Pricing Bands

Find this in 'Settings' then 'Finances'. Pricing Bands are used to enter different prices, for different pricing bands for each type of session. To find out more about setting up pricing groups, click the link below:

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