Events and Weekly Schedules

Use the calendar to plan, create events, and invite parents and staff

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Where to find your Calendar

The Calendar in Famly is where you can view upcoming events in your setting, plan and create new events, and get a quick snap shot of who is absent from the setting on a particular day.

To find your Calendar:

Simply log in to Famly, and click on 'Home' icon. The calendar is then found in the sidebar on the left-hand side.

To see the setting's common calendar, you must have the 'See the Common Calendar' permission enabled (without this permission staff can only see their own calendar.)

How do I create a new event?

Creating a new event in the Calendar in Famly is easy:

  • Once in the Calendar, click ‘New Event’ in the top left corner of the screen.

  • A drop-down menu will open where you have two options:

In order to create events in the setting's calendar, you must have the 'Create Events for Parents and Staff' permission enabled.

Creating a one-off event:

  • Click on the calendar and select 'New Event' from the tab at the top of the page

  • Select 'New Event' again from the drop-down menu.

  • A new window will open (as below), for you to enter the details of your new event.

  • Create the event by clicking the purple ‘Save’ button.


In the 'Invitees' field, you can choose who you want to invite to the event. The event will only be visible in the calendars of those you selected as recipients in the ‘Invitees’ field - for example, a staff meeting to which the only 'Invitees' were staff, will not show in the parents calendars.


You can also choose if you need the people you've invited to let you know they're coming to the event, by requesting an 'RSVP'.

  • If you select 'RSVP not required', the 'Invitees' will not receive an email or notification unless you tick the 'Notify Invitees about event' box

  • If you do request an RSVP to your event, the 'Invitees' will receive an invitation by email and via an in-app notification. The 'Invitees' will be asked to reply 'Attending' or 'Not attending'

Parents will get the notification straight away. If they don't answer, they will get a reminder 1 week and two days before the deadline but only if they haven't answered. If the event is within 60 days they will receive an invite to the event right away, but if the event is over 60 days away, 'Invitees' will receive an invite to the event 60 days before the RSVP date.

Create a weekly schedule

If you click the ‘New Week Schedule’ option, a new window will open (as below). To create a new week schedule:

  • Begin by entering who the weekly schedule is for, for example, the whole setting, or only one room

  • In order to add a new event, simply select the right date and click ‘+ Add Event’
    (If the event is not taking place in the current week, jump forward in time by clicking ‘+Add Week’ until you reach the correct week)

  • A box will appear (as below) asking you to enter a few details about the event:
    a title, start/end time, and a description

  • When you've added all the events for one week, you can choose to go on to the next week by clicking ‘+ Add Week’ at the bottom

  • Finish off by pressing the green ‘Create’ button, which will then add all the events to the selected recipients' personal Famly calendar


How do I see who's coming to my event?

Your Famly Calendar makes it easy to see how many of your 'Invitees' have responded to your event, and how many are coming. You can click on the event in your Famly Calendar to view it. You also have the option to edit the event this way.

On opening your event in the Calendar, you'll see a summary of the event and all the 'Invitees' below it. In the example here, it shows that only Sam has responded to the event and that he's attending (shown as the 1 in the 'child' column).

It's also possible to see in the box at the top of the event page that 13 children have not yet replied regarding the event.

How do I cancel an event?

If you need to cancel an event in your calendar, you can do the following:

  • Open the event in your Calendar by clicking on it

  • In the box at the top of the event page, click 'Delete' if you want to cancel the event entirely, (or 'Edit' if you just want to change some of the details)

  • A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to click 'Delete for everyone' if you're sure you want to cancel the event

  • The event will now no longer appear in the calendars of previous 'Invitees' to that event

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