What's the Holiday RSVP app?

The Holiday RSVP app, found in your Apps section, enables you to request that parents let you know whether their child is expected to be in during specific holiday periods. This is most useful for times when children are booked in, but have a high chance of being on holiday, thus not actually coming in to your setting.

Create a holiday period

  • Create a new holiday RSVP by clicking β€˜New holiday period’ in the upper left corner of the screen (whilst in the Holiday RSVP app)

  • A new window will open (as below). Fill in all the fields e.g. the name of the holiday, the period, the deadline for replies and who needs to reply

  • Once you have completed all fields, press β€˜Create and Send’

  • Those who need to reply will be informed by e-mail, requesting a response. They also receive automatic reminders, if they do not respond.


The attendance report app

The Attendance Report app provides you with an overview of children that are coming and those that are not. You can also see who has not answered your Holiday RSVP yet.

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