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Get an overview of attendance in your setting

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Where do I find Child attendance?

The Attendance Report stores the details about the children's attendance in your setting. This includes sign in and sign out time, holidays, and days of sickness. You can see the details for the entire setting, a single class or a single child. You're also able to look at child attendance from previous dates. To find this overview:

Simply log in to Famly, and click on the Attendance icon, then select Child Attendance.

Get an overview of the expected and actual child attendance

Upon opening Child Attendance, select a date using the arrows in the top left corner. You can see the details for that week on a room level, and at the bottom, you have the details summarised for the entire setting.

To expand your overview, rotate your tablet or smartphone into landscape mode. If you're using Famly on a desktop computer, you'll see the expanded version by default

You can get a detailed overview by clicking the name of each room in your setting This expands a drop-down view of the room, to show the children in that class.

From this view, you're able to see:

  • When the child signed in and out on a specific day.

  • Holidays (indicated with the sunshine icon)

  • Sick days (indicated with the thermometer icon).

  • Absences (indicated with a black circle with a line through it)

  • Failed sign-outs (indicated with the warning sign icon). These appear if a child was not signed out of the setting.

  • A holiday RSVP request that is outstanding (indicated with a question mark icon)

The total amount of time a child was signed in is summarised in the column to the right. An amount of hours in red, with a 'plus' sign, indicates time the child was signed into the setting above what was expected.

Edit information about a child on the Child Attendance Report

If you need to change the information about a child in the Attendance Report, you click on the child's name on the day in question. From here, you'll be able to either edit (with the pencil icon), remove information (with the trash can icon), add a 'holiday' day, or add a 'sick day'.

Exporting Child Attendance Data

To export Child Attendance data:

  • Navigate to your Attendance Report

  • Click on Export CSV

  • Select Attendance CSV from the drop down menu

  • Enter the date range you'd like to download attendance for

Your CSV download will include information such as:

  • Date

  • Child ID and name

  • Room

  • Sign in/out time

  • Attended hours and

  • Information about any leave (holiday, absence or illness)

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