Parents 🧸: The Live Translation Tool

This article will explain how to enable the Live Translation Tool so that content on Famly will be automatically translated

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You will now be able to translate News feed posts, Messages, and Observations on your Famly app with the Live Translation Tool. Please note, not all settings have this enabled, so if you're unsure whether you should be able to use the Live Translation Tool, reach out to your nursery manager.

How to set up your Translation language

Once your setting has enabled the Live Translation Tool, you'll be able to set this up with your preferred Translation language in your own settings.

To do so:

  • Tap on you profile picture in the top right corner of your app

  • Go to Your Settings

  • Select Language and Translations

  • In the Translation language section, click on Edit and choose your preferred language from the drop-down list

Once your Translation language has been set, the option to translate News feed posts, Observations, and Messages will become available.

Translating News feed posts

For News feed posts, you'll see a Translate post button appear in your chosen translation language just under the post.

Tapping this will automatically translate any written text in the post.

Translating Observations

Translating Observations works in exactly the same way as News feed posts above. Simply find the Observation, click on Translate post and the Observation will be translated to your selected translation language.

Translating Messages

To translate messages, head to your Inbox by clicking the message icon on your app. From here, open a message and click on Translate underneath it.

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