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Updating a child's status to record a nappy change or toilet visit

To record a nappy change or toilet visit:

  • Head to the Overview and select the child/children who have visited the toilet or had their nappy changed, by clicking on their photo.

  • You will get the normal status bar on the right hand side, where you can select the 'Nappy/toilet' status

  • When you select the icon, a pop-up menu will open (as below)

  • Here you can add the details, including the time, and any notes (such as 'cream applied')

  • This had now logged the child as having visited the toilet or having had their nappy changed. You will see the icon show on their profile photo, and on their activity feed:

Remove a nappy/toilet status

If you have entered a nappy/toilet status in error, you can simply go to the child's profile and click 'Remove' next to that status, on the Activity Feed (found on the 'Activity' tab.

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