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Room Planner (Your Register in Famly)
Room Planner (Your Register in Famly)
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Where do I find Room Planner?

Room Planner is your digital register.

To find it:

Simply log in to Famly, click on the Attendance section, then select the Room Planner at the top.

An overview of your expected children each day

Here you can easily get an overview of the planned attendance in each room and book your staff accordingly. The figures are based on the children's attendance plans, including any ad-hoc sessions purchased. Below is an example of a Full week, detailed breakdown overview with a specified start date:

You can also choose to display full days within a week, which will show you the maximum number of children expected to attend at any point in time within each time period.

Total Children refers to the number of children expected in for the entire time-frame selected. For example, in the screenshot above, 3 children are expected to attend the nursery on Tuesday. So the Total Children column shows 3.

Max. Children refers to the number of children who are in the room at the same time. In the screenshot above, 3 children are expected to attend the nursery on Tuesday, but only 2 of them will ever be in the in the Oak room at the same time (Felix and Harley from 6:00-12:00, and then Harley and Frankie from 12:00-18:00). So the Max. Children column shows 2.

How do I see a more detailed breakdown of attendance?

You can use the filters along the top of the page to decide what specifics of the register you want to see. You can filter by:

  • Dates

  • Rooms in your setting

  • The ages of the children

  • By sessions (AM and PM or Detailed Breakdown)

Once you've decided on your filters, the children will be shown accordingly in the table below the graph.

The Staff Required figure is calculated by using the required ratio that you entered in either your Room or Age Group settings.

The total amount of children expected in the entire nursery is indicated at the bottom under Summary.

The thermometer icon indicates that the child is off sick.

Get the details of each group by clicking on the group title on the left. The details will reveal the attendance of each child in the specific group you selected.

Please note: The age next to each child is the age of the child on the date you have selected to view the register.

How to print off a physical register

You can also use Room Planning to print out a paper register if you choose. Of course, you can still sign children in and out of your setting in Famly.

To print a paper register:

  • First select Child Signature Fields (to sign the children in and out) or Staff Signature Fields (to sign the staff in and out) in the tick-boxes, if you'd like space for these on a printout.

  • Choose whether you'd like to show children's allergies and special dietary considerations as well.

  • When you're happy with how the physical register will look, you can select 'Print'

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