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Verifying with Stripe for Council-based Settings
Verifying with Stripe for Council-based Settings
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If you are a council-based setting that is verifying your account with Stripe, it's likely that the council bank account name won’t match the setting name. In cases like this, Stripe requires some further information. This article will guide you through how to make sure the verification process is as smooth as possible.

Verifying with Stripe for Council-based Settings

First things first, you, as the setting, will need to upload either a PDF download of the original document or a clear photograph of the original letter to Stripe. At this point, you'll be asked for some additional information.

That said, as a government entity, you are exempt from providing the accounts representative's Date of Birth, Personal Address or ID.

However, you are still required to add an individual's name who will act as the account representative.

Once you have added a representative, you are also required to add a letterhead as described below to clear the listed owner's requirements:

Letterhead – Must match Stripe legal entity name


Stripe account name

Business address

To whom it may concern: I, user employee name, title (Example: CFO), authorised account representative name (Example: Sarah Jones), account representative title (Example: Product manager) to manage the Stripe account.

Account ID(s): Stripe account ID (acct_xxx)

Business name(s):

Website URL(s):

Business address:

Business tax IDs:

Account Representative business email:

Signed by: Merchant employee, Title (Example: CFO) - Not the Account Representative themselves

Once all of these steps have been completed, you can sit back and relax. The verification process is in Stripe's hands now. If you have any questions throughout the process, our customer advisors are here to help! Just reach out to or open up a chat in-app.

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