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Booster packs

Here you can get an overview of the features in our four different Booster packs.

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Our booster packs are feature bundles that support you within a certain domain of Famly. A booster pack is added on top of our Free plan. Therefore if you choose to purchase a Booster pack, you will keep all of the features you already have in our Free plan. Depending on your priorities and needs, you can optimise your setup and boost your business where it needs. They cost from £29/ month + VAT each, and you can buy one or more.

Here is a rundown of the four bundles based on our Foundation package:

Engage - Communicate and engage with families £29

Find a better way to instantly connect with and grow closer to all the families you support.

  • Private & team inbox messaging

  • Basic daily logs

  • Child leave reporting

  • Videos and unlimited photos in the news feed

  • Tags

  • Up to 5 custom lists

  • Calendar

  • Child profile notes

Simplify - Save hours and simplify your admin £49

Stop spending hours on invoicing, getting child information, and understanding your staffing requirements.

  • Batch invoicing

  • In-app payments

  • Discounts pre-sets

  • Ad-hoc purchases

  • Payments reports

  • Credits/Surcharges

  • Registers and Room planning

  • Child sign in/out

  • Child leave reporting

  • Basic daily logs

  • Attendance report

Learn - Stay on top of each child’s learning £29

A simpler way to note, share, and understand each child’s developmental journey.

  • Observation reviews

  • Group observations

  • Parent observation

  • Assessments and two-year checks

  • What's next

  • Progress reporting

  • Tally

  • All available frameworks and reference materials

  • Unlimited activity plans

Grow - Easy ways to grow your occupancy £29

Get more children signed up, increase your revenue, and grow your setting.

  • Enquiries website form

  • Enquiry activity logging

  • Enquiry tracking

  • Conversion rate statistics

Are you ready to purchase?

Great! Head to your Famly Store and choose the pack that suits your needs. If you need more information on the step-by-step of the purchase, consult the articles below.

Please make sure you are on a desktop device since purchases in Famly Store are not available in the downloadable app.

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