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Famly's Public API Guide
Famly's Public API Guide
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Please note: access to Famly's API can be purchased as an add-on for £19 per month, per site. Please reach out to if you're interested in enabling this for your site.

GraphQL Famly API documentation

The API is implemented using GraphQL, and is available here:

We strongly recommend getting familiar with GraphQL using their excellent documentation at before getting started with the Famly API.

For a more detailed overview, take a look at our Public GraphQL API Reference documentation here:

Supported query and mutation roots

We currently support these query/mutation roots:

  • employees

  • groups

  • meals

  • sites

  • children

  • contacts

  • enquiries

  • files (only mutations)

  • payments (only mutations, querying coming soon)

  • invoices (only mutations, querying coming soon)

  • billpayers (only mutations, querying coming soon)

Explore the API


We host GraphiQL, which you can use to experiment with queries. Note that you won't be able to run most queries without authenticating. You can click Docs in the upper right corner to see relevant documentation.

On the left side in GraphiQL you will see examples of queries and mutations in the top, and the variables and arguments in the bottom. These are helpful for inspiration and to get quickly started using the API.


We also host Voyager, which gives you are move visual overview of how the API is built.


You will need an access token to use the Public API. Contact Famly Support to get an access token assigned to your user.

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