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Your step by step guide to the Bulk Plan builder

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Creating plans for children, especially when you've got 100s to get through can be a daunting task. With Famly's new Bulk Plan builder, you will now be able to create plans quickly and easily, by bulk allocating bookings, funding, and discounts - whilst still being able to customise each child's individual plan.

The Bulk Plan builder will guide you through:

  • Pricing age bands (skipped if automatic advance rules are enabled)

  • Invoicing profiles

  • Booking patterns

  • Funding grants (skipped if none created) and,

  • Discounts

Once every step has been completed, your new plans will be ready to invoice!

Where do I find the Bulk Plans builder?

To start adding your plans in bulk, head to Get Started, click on Plans and click on Create plans for new children. You'll be lead straight to the Bulk Plans builder, click on Create plans to get started

The builder will guide you through the process step by step - and don't worry, you can always click the Back button in case you'd like to make any changes!

Invoicing profiles

Start by entering a start date for your children's plans:

Once selected, allocate an invoicing profile to each child. If all the children you're creating plans for are on the same invoicing profile, click the circle right next to the relevant invoicing profile to select it for all children:

If the children are on different invoicing profiles, you can select each profile individually too:

Booking patterns

Next, choose which children you would like to create a booking pattern for. Because you cannot save your progress along the way, we recommend choosing children from the same invoicing profile or room first, to save you having to finish adding plans for all children at once.

Once selected, you'll be able to start adding bookings to these children's plans. Click on the package, session or other charge on the menu on the left and click on the booking plan on the right to add:

You can edit or delete an entry by clicking on it:

If you offer flexible sessions, you can amend the time by click on the session, selecting edit and entering the time:

Once complete, you'll be able to save your plans as they are by clicking on Exit plans, or, you can choose to continue and add funding to the plans you've created:


To add funding, you must first select which funding grants apply to the relevant children:

From here, you can select whether each child receives 15 or 30 hours of funding per week.

If you stretch funding to more than the standard 38 weeks, or have a child that shares funding with another setting, their allocation might be 11 hours per week, instead of 15.

For custom amount of funding, click on the edit icon and enter their allocated funded hours per week into the box:

Once you’ve selected the number of hours, Famly will allocate them to:

  • your cheapest sessions first (i.e. the session with the cheapest average hourly rate)

  • Starting from Monday → Friday

  • A maximum of 10 hours per day

Note: if you'd like to set your funding manually, you can always return to individual children’s plans to edit their funding entitlement, grant and how it is allocated throughout the week


Finally, you'll be lead to the Discounts page, where you can add discounts to children in bulk. You can select your pre-saved discounts (such as a sibling discount), or create a custom discount:

Once you're ready, click View all plans to review your work. And you're all done!

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