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Famly charges a processing fee when using this feature but there are no additional cost besides that. When a parent pays their outstanding balance in Famly, the fee will be deducted before the money arrives in your Famly Pay account. You can see the fees below:

  • BACS Direct Debit:
    1% of payment amount, max £2, min 50p

  • European Debit & Credit Cards (Excl. Amex):
    2% of payment amount + 20p per transaction

  • Non-European Debit & Credit Cards & Amex:
    3.5% of payment amount + 20p per transaction

Note that UK cards are classed as European in this case as this agreement was made before Brexit.

The parent pays £100:

- by direct debit: 1% of £100 = £1. Payout to your bank account = £99
- by EU cards: 2% of £100 + 20p = £2.20. Payout to your bank account = £97.80
- by non-EU cards: 3.5% of £100 + 20p = £3.70. Payout to your bank account = £96.30

Fees for new signups

Great news! For a limited time, any customers that sign up to use Famly Pay before January 31st, 2023, will experience lower fees and 1 month free payment processing.

The new fee structure is as follows:

  • Direct Debit pricing (UK)

    50p per transaction

  • Normal Card Pricing (UK)

    1.5% + 20p per transaction

  • Non-UK cards, AMEX, corporate cards (in the UK)

    3.5% + 20p per transactions

Payout times

  • Next day after payment succeeds

Please note, VAT has not been calculated into the fees above and will be added on to all transactions

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