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How will my curriculum look?

  • If you’re in doubt about how your curriculum will look, we recommend that you take a look at this section.

  • If you chose to “Save and upload” your curriculum you can also turn it on in Settings temporarily to see how it looks in observations and/or assessments.

Can I link to statements or subareas?

  • You can link observations and assessments to top level learning areas / pillars but not to statements or subareas.

  • The Curriculum builder enables you to create curriculums that work with the existing new Child Development setup. This means that you can create your own version of what you currently see in the new Child Development setup including browsing the reference material (like for example Development Matters and Birth to 5 Matters), linking to learning areas (like the EYFS areas), and creating assessment configurations based on the learning areas.

Can I create assessments with my own curriculum?

  • Yes, you can set up your own assessment configurations to assess against your custom learning areas from your curriculum. See how to set up an assessment configuration here or get inspired by these different examples.

What is the difference between choosing the template or designing my own?

  • The only difference between the “use template” or “design my own” options is that the template gives you a starting point to edit from. There is no difference in functionalities the two options offer and the final result of your curriculum will be the same.

  • The template is based on the structure of Development Matters so if your curriculum is somewhat similar to that structure it probably makes sense to start from the template.

  • If you choose the template don’t forget to update the pages we’ve added, otherwise these will be included in your reference material when uploading the curriculum.

Can parents see the curriculum?

  • Parents can not see the curriculum.

Can staff see the curriculum?

  • Staff will be only be able to view the curriculum if they have the permission to create observations. If they have this permission they’ll be able to view curriculums that have been saved and uploaded (not drafts).

  • All roles with the permission to create a curriculum will also be able to see, edit, delete, create and upload a curriculum.

Can I create multiple curriculums?

  • Yes - if you are on our Professional package, you can create an unlimited amount of custom curriculums.

  • If you are on our Premium package, you are only able to create one curriculum at a time.

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