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The Overview

On logging in as an organisational manager, you can see an overview of all your settings (as below). This overview shows you:

  • All your settings, or a specific group of them, as chosen from the drop-down menu

  • How many children and staff are signed in

  • How many children and staff are on holiday (indicated by the sun icon)

  • How many children and staff are off ill (indicated by the thermometer icon)

Using Reports

Reports can be viewed at the organisation-level or site-level by using the drop down menu to toggle between them.

This can be done in all section under the Reports tab as well as for Payments.

Revenue Report

The Revenue Report works exactly the same as the Revenue Report for individual settings, but for all the settings in your groups.

Famly Insights

Famly Insights is a tool for chains or groups of settings, that allows you to quickly compare different sites in your group. To find out more about Famly Insights, visit the article below:

Occupancy Report

The occupancy report shows you occupancy by setting, as well as a total. To view this report go to Attendance โ†’ Reports โ†’ Occupancy. You can choose to filter by:

  • Month

  • Room

  • Age group

You can also export this data, by clicking Download as CSV

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