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This is a Famly Premium feature, available as an add-on to the Premium Package - see more about Pricing

What is Famly Insights?

Famly Insights is a tool for chains or groups of settings, that allows you to quickly compare different sites in your group by:

  • Occupancy

  • Leaver and joiners

  • Session availability

  • Staff Ratios

  • Staff turnover

  • Staffing hours

  • Outstanding debt

  • Debt age

  • Historical revenue

  • Revenue forecasting

  • Payment types

  • Invoicing totals

You can create custom maps, tables and graphs, and filter results by clicking on different sections of the data. You can also create and share drag-and-drop dashboards internally, customised for every role.

How do I access Famly Insights?

If you have added Famly Insights to your Premium Package, you can find it by:

  • Logging in to your account and click on your settings overview on the left-hand side

  • At the top of your list of settings, click Famly Insights from the top menu (as below)

  • A new screen will open with all the reports.

  • Click on the report you wish to view and a new window will open with your data

  • From here you can filter the data, and download it

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