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Temporarily Moving a Child to a New Room
Temporarily Moving a Child to a New Room

Switch a child temporarily to another room for visits or settling sessions, so your ratios and head counts are correct in Famly

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How to use Switch Room

If a child is transitioning from one room to another or is visiting another room, we recommend that you use the Switch Room option. Famly will keep track of the child's attendance times in the Attendance Report.

How to use Switch Room:

  • Open the child's room from the room overview.

  • Click a child's profile picture (the child must be signed in).

  • Click Status in the box on the right-hand side.

  • Select Switch Room.

  • A pop-up will open where you can choose the new room the child will temporarily be in.


The same procedure can be performed on the sign-in/out screens.

The child now contributes to the new rooms numbers in the graph in the overview, until they are switched back into their original room. If they are not switched back before the end of the day, they will automatically be switched back to their original room overnight.

Please note that using the Switch Room option will only reflect the room change on the Child Attendance report and not the Room Planner.

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