Send Payment Reminders

Send reminders to bill-payers, to ensure you receive payment for fees on time.

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How to send a payment reminder

You can send payment reminders straight from the app, to remind your bill payers who haven't paid their invoices.
To access the Debt collection section, you'll need the 'Show Financial Reports' permission enabled.
To do this:

  • Log in to the app and head over to the Finances icon.

  • Next select the Debt collection tab.

  • Here you can choose which bill payers you wish to send reminders out to, by checking the checkbox next to their name.

  • After selecting your bill payers, click on the Send payment reminders button, found on the right.

  • A pop-up will open where you can select New Message to create your own, or Payment reminder; a standard message template (as below).

Once you are happy with the message, click preview and then send [number of] reminders.

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