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Setting Up Required Staff Ratios
Setting Up Required Staff Ratios
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Setting up room ratios in a new room

You can enter staff to child ratios in the app, to ensure your rooms are correctly staffed. When setting up your rooms:

  • Log in to the app.

  • Click Get Started.

  • Select Rooms.

  • Here you can add rooms to your setting. Type the room name in the text box then click Add new room.

  • A new window will open (as below) where you can define the settings for the room, including setting the ratio of staff to children.
    If you have mixed age group rooms, do not enter the ratio of those rooms in the room settings- simply leave them blank.

Adding or changing staff to child ratios in an existing room

You can also change, amend, or add a ratio to a room after you've created it. To do this:

  • Log in to the app.

  • Click on Settings.

  • Select Rooms then Overview from the drop-down menu.

  • Click on the room you want to apply a ratio to. A new window will open (as below) allowing you to edit or add information to the room, including capacity and staff ratios.

  • Click Save changes when you've finished.

Setting up ratios in rooms with mixed ages

These should be used if you have mixed age groups in a single room. To set up ratios where children are different ages:

  • Click Settings.

  • Select Children.

  • Next, click on Age groups from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter your Staff ratio for each age group by clicking on the pen icon to edit.

  • Remember to save your changes when you're ready!

Scheduling group ratio updates

In Famly you can schedule a group ratio change in advance. This is a helpful solution to address ratio changes such as those announced in England from September 2023. The UK Department of Education has now updated the EYFS to reflect an optional update to the staff-to-child ratio requirement for two-year-old children. From September 2023, one member of staff will be allowed to look after five children, up from four children. More information can be read here.

You can schedule a change in ratio in advance by:

  • Clicking on Settings

  • Selecting Children then Age groups from the drop-down menu

  • Navigating to Scheduled changes

  • Clicking on View scheduled changes

  • Selecting Create new plan

  • Enter the change in ratio, age range and capacity, and the date you want it to be valid from

  • Click Save and the plan will update on the selected date

Calculating Required Staff

Famly will calculate the staff you need for each room based on the required ratios you've entered:

  • If the staff ratio is set in the Room Settings. Famly will use that staff ratio for the required staff calculation

  • If you have set a staff ratio on your Age Groups, Famly will use that staff ratio for the required staff calculation (even if you have set staff ratios in the room settings)

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