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What is the Roadmap?

We really value all your feedback and ideas, and we put this at the forefront of our developments. The Roadmap is for sharing the ideas you have, whether that's a new functionality, an improvement to an existing one, or something else entirely. The Roadmap:

  • Gives us insight into how critical a feature is to the community.

  • Gives you the ability to vote on potential upcoming features.

  • Allows us to gather similar feedback about the same feature on one post.

  • Allows you to see what we have planned, are working on, and have recently launched.

What's up next?

Visit the Roadmap to see upcoming improvements to the app

You can choose to look at features that are 'under consideration' (and vote for these as 'nice to have', 'important' or 'critical'.), 'planned' and 'launched'.

Request a feature

From the Roadmap page, you can submit a new idea by clicking the '+ submit idea' button in the top right hand corner. a pop-up will open (as below), where you can submit your feature idea.


By entering your email address, you will be kept up to date with developments on your idea.

Sign up to be a beta-tester

˜You can request to be a beta-tester for Famly by following this link:

You're more likely to be invited to test a feature if you've expressed interest (by commenting or upvoting) it on the Roadmap.

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