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Updating your Attendance Schedules
Updating your Attendance Schedules

This article will guide you through how to update your existing Attendance Schedules

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Whether you're updating your term dates for the next academic year, or you're amending available attendance days, there's no need to create a new Attendance Schedule. You can simply update and save your existing Attendance Schedules and use them year after year.

This is particularly useful if you use Term Time Only and Holiday Club Attendance Schedules that you don't necessarily know available days for ahead of time. Once you're given an overview of term dates, you can add these to your existing schedules in preparation for the next academic year.

Updating your Attendance Schedules

To update an Attendance Schedule:

  • Head to Get Started

  • Click on Invoicing Profiles

  • Click on the Schedules tab

  • Select the Attendance Schedule you'd like to update

Once you've opened the relevant Attendance Schedule, use the date toggle at the top to select the year you'd like to add available days to:

Any days you highlight in purple will signify available dates. So, if you're updating your Term Time Only schedule, you'll want to enter all term dates in purple and leave holiday days blank.

Once you've selected your available days, remember to click Update to save your changes.

The updated Attendance Schedule will automatically update for all children linked to it, so there's no need to update their plans in accordance.

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