Where do I find Enquiries in Famly?

The Enquiries feature - designed to keep track of potential future children joining your setting, can be found by clicking on the Attendance icon in the sidebar, then Enquiries.

How do I get an overview of potential new starters in my setting?

Once an enquiry is added, it will show up on the overview table, where you'll be able to see details such as

  • The date the enquiry was entered

  • The child's estimated start date

  • The status of the enquiry

  • The child's name

  • The child's contact

  • The room the child will start in

This information can be downloaded as a CSV file for your records.

N.B. an overview of key enquiry statistics is not available on Famly Free

How to add a new enquiry

To add a new enquiry:

  • Click on New Enquiry on the righthand side

  • A new window will open (see below), where you will be able to add the child's details

  • If you wish to book a showaround time for the family to see your setting, check the Book showaround box and enter the relevant details

  • When you're ready, click create. This will add the child to our Enquiries overview

Creating a child profile

Once you have completed the information in the new enquiry form, a profile for the child will be created. If you click on the child's listing in the Enquiries overview, this profile will open and you will be able to enter further details about the child and the requested booking patter. This means you will be able to give the child's parents a quote for their childcare.

Once this enquiry has been confirmed and you're ready for this child to be registered at your setting, open the listing from the Enquiries overview, select their starting room and click Enroll.

N.B. Famly Free does not offer the possibility to add a source, booking method or reason

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