Famly Home is your new starting point, a place to kick off your day, stay on top of everything, and let Famly do even more of the work for you.

Featuring a dashboard-style landing page, Famly Home lets you organise your own personal overview to make sure you've got easy access to all the most important functions.

How to find Famly Home

The new Famly Home can be found in the Overview tab under the Home icon:

Nursery overview

Using the tabs at the top of the Nursery overview, you can easily switch views to show your Starred rooms, an overview of All rooms, Absences and Tags. Clicking on the individual rooms will lead you to the overview for that particular room.

The room ratio graph has been replaced instead with easily readable information that gives you the same information much quicker. Now you'll be able to see all your staffing, attendance, and ratios right away without having to click around or do the mental maths yourself. And ratios are updated in the moment giving you an accurate count at all times.

The ratio smiley/sad faces are based on the age ranges of the children in the room. If this is out of ratio, we will indicate the ages that are missing staff or if the room has hit the maximum capacity of children.

If the staff/children section are empty it is because staff/children have not been signed into the setting.

Widget overview

Depending on your permissions and the features used in Famly, you will be able to see the following widgets:

Site overview

Medication today

Observation drafts

Assessment drafts

Upcoming room moves


Needs your attention *

Children's birthdays

Staff birthdays

Other events



* including pending leave requests, pending accident and incident reports, pending assessments and overdue medication alerts

Your chosen widgets will be displayed on the dashboard in a configuration that will look a little like this:

The new Overview is not currently customisable, but check back in the future as this is something we aim to work on as a next step!

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Check out our article on how to get in touch:

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