Precise Leave Tracking
Track staff absence, to the minute
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Precise Leave Tracking

Precise Leave Tracking allows you to log half-day absences for staff members thereby providing more flexibility for recording changes to staff schedules and a more detailed overview of past absence.

How to Enable Precise Leave Tracking

To enable this feature go to Settings → Staff→ Staff Leave. Please read the disclaimer below before enabling this for your setting.

Disclaimer: Note that staff leave balances will be impacted from the moment of turning on the feature until the leave cycle is over. For example, if your holiday period is from Jan-Dec and you turn on the feature on September 1, the leave balances shown on staff profiles will be from Sept 1 to Dec 31 only and will not show the days from Jan 1-Aug 31. This may mean that you'll want to wait until the end of your leave period before enabling this feature.

Note this feature is only available to US Premium customers and those on Essentials with Staff Rotas. For UK packages message to find out if yours includes it- read more about pricing here.

Using Precise Leave Tracking

To use precise leave tracking:

  • Click an absence type from a staff member's profile

  • Select Part day

  • Fill in the start and end times of the absence to see the Total hours

  • Add a Note if desired

When using this feature the overview on staff profiles will look something like the table shown below, with categories for absence types, and hourly totals shown next to the daily totals.

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