What is Parent GPS Sign-In

Parent GPS sign-in is a setting which prevents parents from signing their children in or out when they are not on-site. This prevents accidental sign-outs during the day (when the child has not been collected), and ensures that children are actually present before they're signed in.

How to Set Up Parent GPS Sign-In

To set up parent GPS sign-in, you'll need to give the GPS coordinates of your setting to Customer Support, who can then enable the feature. Send these in-app or to support@famly.co.uk

Using Parent GPS Sign-In

Once parent GPS sign-in is enabled, the app will check the location of the person trying to sign their child in or out. If permission is not already given for the app to use the device's location, a message will pop-up requesting access (as below)

The parent dropping off or picking up will need to access their device's settings and allow the app to use their location. They need to be within 300 m of the school to sign a child in.

Once permission is given, the app can determine if the person's GPS coordinates match those given for the site, and allow the child to be signed in or out.

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