Add a contact for a child

To add a contact to a child in your setting, you need to have the contact's name and their email address, as a minimum. To add a contact:

  • Go to your child's profile and then the 'Contacts' tab.

  • Click 'New Contact'

  • Add the contact details and assign this contact a log in. You can choose:

  • Click 'Create'

If you so choose, contacts with a 'Parent' role can also add additional contacts to their child, and invite them to Famly.

Adding a bill-payer for a child

In order to send invoices, children must have a bill-payer assigned. Find out how to add one or more bill-payers below:

Adding an invoice recipient

You can add a contact to receive invoices for a child's fees, (without them also being a bill-payer) so the fees would not be split. To find out how to do this, click the link below:

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