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Free Plan - Overview of Staff
Free Plan - Overview of Staff
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Your Staff Overview

To find the overview of staff, simply login to the app, click on 'Home' (indicated by the house icon), and then select 'Staff' from the menu


From this view, you can:

  • Send staff logins, based on their roles

  • Move staff between rooms

  • Filter by room

  • Open staff profiles, by clicking on that member of staff

How to set up the Roles of staff members in your setting

The app provides you with three set roles: Manager, Senior Practitioner, and Practitioner. See these by looking under Settings β†’ Staff β†’ Roles and Permissions β†’ Custom Roles.

If upgrading to Essentials or Premium, you'll have the option to set up custom roles. Click below to read more about these:

How to add an individual member of staff

Over time you will hire new staff to your setting and need to add them to the app. For instructions, click below:

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