Grouping children in Rooms

Find 'Rooms' in 'Get Started'. Rooms are a very obvious way of grouping the children in your setting.

Group children by Age

Age groups are the second way of grouping children, as we appreciate sometimes Rooms may have a range of children of differing ages and may not always be a suitable grouping method.

Click 'Settings', and then 'Children', you will see an 'Age Groups' button - this is where you set them up. You can name and split up your 'Age Groups' as you wish, but you will always be asked for the 'Staff Ratio' and 'Maximum Capacity'.

Pricing Groups

Find this in 'Get Started' then 'Pricing'. Pricing groups are good for entering different prices, for different pricing bands for each type of session. To find out more about setting up pricing groups, click the link below:

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