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It is possible to bulk update your plans to pick up any changes you've made to your session, product or package settings including changes to price and chargeable days.

Before bulk updating

It's important that you make the changes to your sessions correctly before bulk updating plans. The article below explains how to make changes to your sessions, products and packages.


Important: Check each point in the list below when changing the session, product or package before bulk changing plans:

  • make sure you select the correct change date, specifically the year

  • if you are using annualised plans, use the 1st of a month as the schedule change date

  • if you are using automatic pricing move rules, make sure there is a price in every pricing group box, even if it is £0, you should type in 0

  • make sure the correct checkboxes (funding, flexible, closing days, sick days) are checked

  • do not discontinue sessions, simply enter their new price. If you discontinue sessions, you'll need to manually change the plans of children using those sessions

Bulk update your plans

Once you've checked the above, you're ready to continue to the article below:

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