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As with any app, you can improve the speed, performance, and functionality of Famly with the right browser, device, and updated operating system.

Please note, this article will be updated regularly. Specifically the iOS and Android operating system versions will be updated as Apple and Android release updates and degrade earlier versions.

Browsers: For Accessing the App on a Laptop or Desktop PC

We find that the Google Chrome web browser is the most compatible. If you are currently using another browser e.g. Internet Explorer, we strongly suggest downloading Google Chrome.

How to download Google Chrome:

  • Click on the button below to access the Google Chrome download page (a new window will open)

  • Click on the Download Chrome button on the page (remember to choose the correct version, depending on whether you're using a PC or a Mac)

  • Follow the on-screen instructions

  • Once downloaded the Google Chrome icon will show up on your desktop. You can access your new browser by clicking on the icon.

  • Go to and you are ready to login using your email address and personal password

You can make Chrome your default browser by accessing your browser settings either through your Start Menu & Control Panel (Windows) or clicking File, then Preferences when Chrome is open (Mac).

Recommended Tablets

The app is available for Apple devices (iPad/iPhone), devices running the Android operating system (Samsung etc.), and certain Fire devices (detailed below).

Most Famly customers use iPads, so that's what we have the best experience with, and we hear from customers work really well. However, more generally, we recommend the following:

  • Minimum 9 inch tablets (iPads or Android)

  • A model released within the last 2 years

  • Supported operating systems include:

    • Apple:

      We recommend you buy a device that can run the latest version of iOS, but we support versions from iOS 12 up. Specifically, iOS 12 supports the iPhone 7 and later, all iPad Air and iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation, iPad mini 2 and later. A full list of supported devices is here.

    • Android:
      The latest version of Samsung Galaxy Tab A or S (we recommend minimum version 9 but we support from version 5.1 up

    • Amazon Fire/Kindle:
      Minimum specifications Fire HD 8 (min. 2017), Fire HD 10 (min. 2017), however the Fire HD 10 is most recommended of the three

Operating System and Device Manufacturer:

It is important that the version of the operating system on your device is supported by the manufacturer, in order to prevent security issues. You can use this table on Wikipedia (linked below) to check for the versions of operating system that the device manufacturer supports. Click the link for the type of device you're using and scroll down the page to the table.

Look for the operating system versions in boxes highlighted green and yellow:

Apple (iPhone or iPad)

How to find the version of your device:
Android: go to Settings → About device→ Software info → Android version
Apple: go to Settings →General → About → Version

Devices that are Not Recommended

  • Lenovo Tab 7 Tb-7304F
    This device has been found to be buggy with many types of apps running a specific core technology.

  • Hudl devices
    These devices were discontinued in early 2015. They run Android 4 Jelly Bean, which was released in 2012 and is no longer compatible with most apps.

  • Lenovo TB-7104F
    This device has experienced issues after an update to Google Chrome*

  • Acer Iconia One 10 Model B3-A50FHD
    This device has experienced issues after an update to Google Chrome*

*As a workaround for the issues, if you already have these devices, you can try using a different web browser and/or disabling Chrome on the device. However this is generally not recommended as does still affect the functionality of the app.

Keeping the App Up-to-Date

You can download the app onto Apple devices from the App Store and onto Android devices from the Google Play Store. We recommend that you always keep the app updated. To view the latest version of the app, click on your device type below:

  • Android

  • Apple (iPad/iPhone)
    Look for 'Version history' or 'Latest version'

To see which version of the app your device is running, look in the bottom right corner on the login screen when you open the app.

To enable automatic updates of the app:

  • Android
    Go to Google Play Store, click the three bars in the top left corner, select Settings, look for Auto-update apps and enable.

  • Apple iOS
    Go to Settings, scroll down and click the Famly app, click Background App Refresh.

Internet Connection and Speed

The app is running online, and updates in real-time, which requires a stable internet connection. We recommend that your internet connection is at least 10Mbit download and 2Mbit upload. If you want to upload larger files like videos, we recommend 10Mbit upload speed.

If you find that the app is running very slowly, you can use the link above to check your internet speed, and use the link below to check the status of the Famly app.

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