Organisation Reports- Overview

If you have multiple settings in your organisation, it can be useful to have an overview of what's going on across all of them. On logging in to your organisation, you can see an overview of some key reports (as shown below).

Famly Insights

The Famly Insights button leads you to an overview of a variety of reports (as shown below). Here you can easily view reports on:

All billing activity

Clicking the 'All Billing Activity' button leads you to a report of all of your payments, invoices and bill payers. Each report can be filtered and exported using the 'Generate CSV' button in the top right hand corner. You can also apply payments directly from this page when viewing the list of payments.


The Revenue Report

The Revenue report contain both a graph and a table. The graph shows an orange line for your Budget, a solid purple line for Revenue, and a dotted purple line for Projected Revenue across the year.

The table contains the details of the revenue for the entire organisation as well as each site in your organisation. You can click on the title of each setting to go in to their individual Revenue report.

Learn more about the Revenue Report here:

The Occupancy Report

The Occupancy report shows how occupied your settings are in relation to the capacity you have entered in your room and age group settings in each site. You can choose whether you look at Occupancy by Room or Age Group. You can then project your occupancy in each setting.

Learn more about the Occupancy Report here:

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